Exact Editions has two new French magazines, African Banker and New African Woman, both available to download as an app, and also available in the Exact Editions French shop page.

The titles are also available in the Exact Editions Institutional shop, for academic libraries to order.

African Banker is a magazine dedicated to banking and financial issues from the continent’s French speaking countries.


The region’s only French-language magazine which specialises in the banking sector, African Banker features news and analysis aimed at equipping the sectors specialists with crucial information.

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The popular women’s lifestyle magazine, New African Woman, has become one of the best selling titles in Africa. The magazine is dedicated to professional women, and has won numerous awards, including the Best Female Publication.


The magazine features in-depth coverage of fashion and beauty, health and wellbeing, parenting and family, and more.

New African Woman prides itself on celebrating black beauty and culture, and offering insight into the life of African women, in an intelligent and inspirational way.

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