Exact Editions are pleased to announce the digitial edition of The Philosopher which is now available for individuals or institutions to purchase. Quarterly or annual subscribers will have access to a modern archive archived since Spring 2012. Published quarterly, each issue examines a specific theme and includes essays on a variety of related topics, reviews and contributions from regulars.

The digital edition of The Philosopher is now available on the Exact Editions platform

The Philosopher is the longest-running public philosophy journal in the UK, founded in 1923. It is the official journal of the Philosophical Society of England (PSE), a charitable organisation founded ten years earlier than the journal in 1913, and still running regular, groups, workshops, and conferences around the UK. As of 2018, The Philosopher is edited by Newcastle-based philosopher Anthony Morgan and published by Bigg Books.

The Philosopher is a journal built around the belief than anything can be made clear to the interested reader. Articles are considered without discrimination as to subject matter or author; the only criteria being that they must be philosophical in method and expressed in clear, understandable language. Contributors over the years have ranged from John Dewey and G. K. Chesterton to contemporary thinkers like Daniel Hutto, Mary Midgley, and Stephen Mumford. 

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Exact Editions offer a modern and sophisticated method of exploring its digital archive through its user-friendly stacking interface, allowing users to easily view back issues over the years and decades. Fully searchable and compatible across all Web, iOS and Android devices, subscribers are also able to use features on its reader interface such as bookmarking and syncing issues for offline use. 

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