My colleague has just reminded me that the blogosphere is waiting to hear whether I completed the New York Marathon last weekend. Yeah right! But since you ask, I did, and great fun it was. Apart from the last two miles in Central Park when my legs decided that they were really not intended for such distances.

I knew that the flight home was going to be a challenge; the idea of sitting upright for seven hours with ‘wooden’ legs was not an appealing thought. However, as ‘luck’ would have it when I arrived at my seat there was someone already in it. I think the air hostess could see the terror on my face when I heard the words ‘jump seat’ being muted and quickly suggested that I take my seat – or bed, I should say- in ‘Upper Class.’ Never before has the idea of stretching out for hours on end seemed so appealing. That’s not to mention the unlimited champagne, of course! And access to all kinds of magazines and newspapers. Not able to find the rack of papers, I asked the air hostess on three occasions if I could have a newspaper and she enthusiastically said she would bring me one before promptly forgetting each time. As an imposter in ‘Upper Class’, I didn’t feel that I could ask again. All I really wanted to do, of course, was see whether I had made it into The New York Times along with thousands of others who had completed the 26.2 miles in under 5 hours.

Too bad that a digital version of The New York Times wasn’t available to be accessed from my screen before take-off. Virgin really should think about offering such a service to their premium customers. I’m sure their clientele would welcome access to a collection of searchable newspapers and magazines.

I did finally get to see a copy and found my entry. The listings give your name and your age and are organised in order of times. I proudly showed one of my kids on my return, thinking he would appreciate the effort that had gone into just completing the course. He was quick to point out, however, that I was pipped over the line by two seventy year olds! Must do better next time, I guess!