Exact Editions now has a new tool — a Clipper — which allows readers to extract clippings from magazines on the Exact Editions platform and reproduce the exact clipping in a blog.

You can access the Clipper from the tool bar. There is a new icon which comes up in full green when you are on the Full Page view. This is the icon:

Clicking on that icon gives you a view of the page from which you can select the rectangle which you intend to Clip. For example, this clipping from the current issue of The Spectator:

The Spectator
21 July 2007
Page 5

Perhaps its no surprise that The Spectator is supporting Boris Johnson, but his video diaries will be a popular source of amusement.

As this clipping shows — the Clipper will, by default produce a citation for each extract. Also, a subscriber who clicks on the clipping will jump straight to the full content, while a non-subscriber will be offered the change to buy a subscription.

There is a general presumption for ‘fair dealing’ in the use of copyright material. We have given the Clipper tool a default limit of 12% of a print page. Publishers who wish to encourage citations and clippings can request that the maximum is raised. Likewise, if any publisher wishes to prevent any form of clipping or explicit citation the tool can be withheld entirely from a publication. Since citation enhances the reputation of a magazine, we think that this option is not likely to appeal to many publishers.