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The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China

A massive new title is now in the Berkshire Publishing shop on the Exact Editions platform. The Berkshire Encyclopedia of China has nearly 1,000 entries and comes in 5 volumes in the printed edition.

The printed volume sets will be released and sent to subscribers shortly, but the whole work is now searchable and freely sampleable on the Exact Editions platform in the service we are running for Berkshire.

Here are some sample entries:

Climate Change—​International Cooperation
Currency Valuation
Deng Xiaoping’s Southern Tour
Feng Shui
and we must have

not forgetting the complex index, with a lot of links.

The key thing about a big reference book such as this is that we can enjoy the richness of the search results. 163 hits for ‘Deng’, 17 for ‘HIV’, 106 for ‘Canton’, 16 for ‘Guangzhou’. ‘Nixon’ gets 39! and 4 for ‘Obama’. I wonder how many ‘Obama’ mentions there will be in the next edition?


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  1. I’m so glad you thought of searching “Obama” — all our frenetic last-minute updating pays off!

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