Edinburgh Life, Worldwide Access

Whether you’re an Edinburgh native in search of a hidden gem, a tourist looking for a holiday with a difference, or an expat looking for a taste of home, you won’t want to miss Edinburgh Life Magazine! Lucky for you, it’s now available wherever you are in the world via the Apple Newsstand and the Exact Editions webstore.


Packed with heritage, history, people, places, events and more, Edinburgh Life is your definitive guide to the Scottish capital, so what are you waiting for?


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The Wire Archive Live

As of today, every single issue of The Wire since it kicked off in 1982 is available digitally. That’s 353 issues and 25,0000 pages of experimental music history, over 30 years, all available on the iPad/iPhone app or online. Imagine the entirety of The Wire’s history at your fingertips.

Wire Homepage

If you’ll kindly pick your jaws up off the floor, we can tell you that the whole lot is fully searchable, too. So if there’s a specific artist, group or review you’re after – no matter how obscure – look no further.

Say, for example, you’re dying to find the first time Andrew Weatherall made an appearance in The Wire. You can not only find every single mention of him, you can bookmark your search to come back to later, and you can tweet it directly from the app.

Andrew Weatherall

You can trace musical history through its pages, and search the gadgets which have shaped the way we listen to it. Like the iPod.

If you search for ‘iPod’, you’ll find the first mention is a letter entitled

‘iPod, therefore I hate music’ (May 2004)

Written in response to a comment on the ‘smug fraternity of iPod ownership’ then emerging, the incensed reader claims that ‘by the very act of transferring a CD to a hard disk, iPod users reveal themselves to be no lovers of music.’ Would we still say that’s true? I doubt it!

By July 2012, we see the iPod popping up in a review of ‘Shuffle Culture’ at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which showcased a ‘conceptual revue of [Ahmir ‘Questlove’ Thompson’s] iPod playlist’ and its ‘emblematically postmodern’ bringing together of contrasting artists.

Other turns in the tide of musical thought include finger-pointing towards Spotify as responsible for the ‘decline of the album as a self-contained artwork’, in October 2009. By October 2012, Spotify was being credited with ‘stimulal[ing] an interest in an extraordinarily wide appreciation of music’.

We’ve only just begun to flex the muscles of this powerful new tool for music lovers. Why not have a go yourself, and see what you can unearth?

The Wire Colourful

Version 7.0 Has Landed

We are rolling out a spanking new version of every single app. We call it version 7.0.

What’s that when it’s at home? It’s a full Archive Preview and Searchability feature, that’s what. Much like the rumours of iOS 7, our update also includes a lovely redesign, which makes each app stand out from the crowd.

The Archive Preview allows any Tom, Dick or Harry (otherwise known as non-subscribers) to marvel at the full extent of the app’s archive before being asked to subscribe. For many of our titles, the archive includes every published issue of the magazine.

So for Gramophone magazine, that’s back to 1923, whereas for Dazed & Confused, that’d be 1993. For Sainsbury’s Magazine – the latest addition to the archived ranks – it extends back to 2004. That’s a mouth-watering 111 issues available on the app.

Blue Sainbury's Final

The new Searchability feature means that if you wanted to subscribe to Sainsbury’s Magazine with the single solitary purpose of making, say, chocolate brownies for your closest chums, you could make doubly sure that we have many a recipe option – which we most certainly do – before subscribing and parting with any precious funds.

The search results have also been extended so that you see up to 200 of them, rather than the previous 30. Just think… caramel brownies, white chocolate brownies, blackberry brownies… well, you get the picture.

If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to make some brownies! Oh, and here’s one I made earlier…


Dazed & Confused Digital archive now available in Apple Newsstand

The entire twenty year digital archive of Dazed & Confused magazine is now available right at your fingertips on Apple Newsstand. 

Dazed & Confused and Exact Editions have come together to offer their subscribers access to the entire digital archive, wherever they are, all from as little as £1.99 a month.


Simply subscribe once to access twenty years of the best fashion, photography and art content in the entire world. Ready to read on your PC, Apple or Android device.

Print subscribers to Dazed & Confused magazine can now read not only the paper copy of the magazine, but are also able to register for Digital and App access.

90 Years of Gramophone Magazine now available to all Digital and App subscribers

In 2013 Gramophone Magazine will celebrate its 90th birthday and in anticipation of this milestone every one of its 1,000 issues has been made available digitally with Exact Editions.

Every issue is available to all digital and App subscribers on PC, Apple and Android devices. So wherever you are, you can browse through over 1000 issues all at the tap of a finger from just £3.99 a month or £39.99 a year.


See the very first issue from 1923 and travel through music history right up until the very latest issue. Having never missed an issue, this collection of Gramophone magazines is one of the oldest and most comprehensive archives available to read on your iPad.

To find out more simply visit the Exact Editions website or download the App here: http://bit.ly/GramophoneApp