We expect to do business 24X7. So customers buy magazine subscriptions at all hours, and it is fun to look at our shop in the morning to see how many Americans, Japanese and Australian customers have done business overnight; but I did not expect that we would be selling institutional licenses at the weekend. Our institutional customers can sign up on-line and complete the purchase by informing us of their IP range.

This last couple of days we sold site licenses on Saturday and Sunday in countries which have our western weekend. From this I conclude that librarians work at weekends. Well, I kind of knew that already, but its nice to have it confirmed…..Is it also important that site licenses carry the kind of price (lowish as institutional prices go — €300.00) that a librarian can sign off on her own decision on a Sunday?

Site licenses for our consumer magazines are proving to be popular.

This demand from institutions for campus wide access to a digital editions of the whole magazines, is a market which most consumer magazine publishers are simply unaware of. Book publishers also do not appreciate how much they are neglecting a market which wants their books — as digital resources.