Today (at 2.00 am UK time) we made an important change to the Exact Editions shop.

Subscribers no longer have to wait for an email to give them login details. They set up their account and choose a password before paying, so as soon as they have confirmed their purchase, their new sub is ready and waiting and they already know how to log in. It’s a small change on the surface but a lot smoother.

The new foundations will make it possible for us to do (‘real soon now’) some things we have wanted to do for a while. Such as: (a) gift subscriptions (b) 30-day trial subs (c) provide more support for the purchase than comes with the standard Paypal interface.

This is the new page.

Its early days, but the new shopping system appears to be working smoothly. The second customer to use it bought 3 subscriptions. A good augury, but we still await our first 6-subscriptions-at-once magazine purchaser. That should happen this year.