I got this from David Weinberger’s blog Joho.

Conde Nast (with the slogan ‘There’s a connection that our readers have with our magazines’) recently purchased the Wired web site. Perhaps Conde Nast has some strategic plan. The Reddit acquisition looks interesting, and complementary to a culture of web-delivered magazines. This is a forum on which all and any magazine article (newspaper story, blog entry, TV program, etc. can be analysed and controverted). But surely Conde Nast now need a reliable platform on which any magazine (theirs or someone else’s) can be accessed through the web? And it would not work if that was a proprietary publisher-owned platform would it? The platform that meets this need would have to be one in which individual magazine articles, pages and issues can be consistently cited……Reliably citeable web publishing platforms are in short supply. Connections need direct links and reliable citations.