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Elizabeth Hutchinson FCLIP BEM on the Role of Libraries in our New Digital World

As we adapt to continued remote learning, libraries and their digital resources have become a centralising force in the school community. Exact Editions spoke to library advisor Elizabeth Hutchinson about teacher outreach, digital literacy and the value of a school librarian.

Elizabeth Hutchinson FCLIP BEM

Something Exact Editions and librarians have in common is our dedication to providing resources to classrooms. What difference can the support of a library make in a school’s success?

A school library has always been a … Keep Reading

Georgian London through a Reading Room

Restoration Stories by Philippa Stockley and Charlie Hopkinson is one of the 30 books in the Pimpernel Press Collection of books on gardens, landscape, architecture and history now available for institutional and individual annual subscription from Exact Editions. In this short notice we will focus on one title, one chapter and one house in this book, a book which comprises 16 essays, richly illustrated, on carefully restored houses, mostly Georgian, mostly in East London. The timely reader of this blog … Keep Reading

Exact Editions’ Tips for Remote Learning

Now more than ever, digital resources are a vital tool in every teacher’s arsenal. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your institutional subscription in the classroom!

  1. Copy and paste to get everyone on the same page.

Every magazine spread has a URL that can be seen by all members of the subscription. Copy and paste this URL anywhere, and it will take everyone back to the same page in the reader:

2. Share Keep Reading

Land Rover Monthly joins Exact Editions

Exact Editions is delighted to announce that Land Rover Monthly is now available on the Exact Editions digital platform. Institutions and individuals can purchase a subscription that will allow them access to all new issues of Land Rover Monthly as well as a wealth of back issues going back to 2015 spanning five years of content. 

Published by Warners Group Publications, Land Rover Monthly is Britain’s fastest-growing Land Rover magazine. Each four-weekly issue inspires readers with the essentials on driving, … Keep Reading

Mindset joins Exact Editions

Exact Editions is delighted to announce Mindset has joined its digital platform, where institutional subscribers can access a growing wealth of back issues from its very first one published. 

Mindset is a revolutionary publication dedicated to the health of the mind. With a world class Editorial Advisory Board each issue contains authoritative, accurate, beautifully-presented, easily assimilated information, about all aspects of mental health. Covering everything from prevention and diagnosis, treatments and rehabilitation, to workplace initiatives and financial and legal advice, … Keep Reading

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