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Shrewd comment from Skype founder

Greenslade at the Guardian notes some off-hand remarks from Niklas Zennström:

“I don’t read as much paper as I used to and I think they will obviously be challenged. The thing that is a challenge is the daily press – you have free newspapers and quality newspapers and they each have to find their own markets, but I don’t think they’re dead…..There’s always going to be a need for in-depth journalism.”

Greenslade comments:

I agree with him about the

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Dentist’s waiting room to Newsagent

When we were about to launch Exact Editions, at the end of 2005, we used to show publishers a prototype service with half a dozen very disparate magazines. We sometimes joked that the service was a bit like a dentist’s waiting room (boating, fashion, caged birds, current affairs, and rock climbing in a haphazard mixture). All good and reputable magazines but not in the same market segment. Why do dentists have such diverse interests?

So it is a high compliment … Keep Reading

New Internationalist

How to be an Ethical Consumer

Sweating over sweatshops.

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Measurement and readership

ABC (the Audit Bureau of Circulations) is the industry body which measures circulations, news stand sales, subscriptions etc for magazines and newspapers in the UK. It gathers an immense amount of detailed information on thousands of publications, much of it is freely available from its excellent web site.

There is also an ‘electronic’ offshoot, ABCe, which measures the reach and popularity of some of the large UK media web sites. ABCe has recently amended its basic approach to measurement … Keep Reading

The Economist

Is possibly the best magazine of current affairs. It would get my vote. They might not welcome the compliment because, in-house, they have a tribal custom of always referring to it as a (or ‘the’) newspaper. Last week’s issue of the ‘newspaper’ was one of their regular Science and Technology Quarterly surveys.

Most of the Science and Technology survey is behind their subscription pay-wall, so I can not link you to some of the best articles (good ones on biometricsKeep Reading

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