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Two new magazines for our shop in one day. The pace is hotting up.

If you read nothing else in insideout, you should certainly read the interview with Barbara Frost of Water Aid.

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When I first heard about this magazine the name did not mean anything, but of course my wife, sister and daughter knew exactly what the word means: (according to juteworld) The longitudinal edges of a fabric formed in such a way that the component thread(s) ravel.
I like the way that juteworld’s component threads ravel. Most things unravel but well-behaved or selvedged threads dont. They ravel.

But I had no need of a dictionary to appreciate how beautiful the … Keep Reading

Publisher Portal

The publishers who use our system get a number of marketing and promotional services as part of our deal. There are already a dozen different tools to which they have access from individualised private accounts. The services are broadly of three types:

(1) Statistics — on usage, page by page and link by link for live links. Therefore on a very busy page with a lot of links, the publisher has a wealth of information about what is of interest … Keep Reading

Google, Yahoo Show Publishers Some Love

Advertising Age carries a report on this week’s American Magazine Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This encounter suggests mutual interest, but with it a degree of reciprocated suspicion and bemusement. Google and Yahoo are not going to gobble up the magazine industry, of course not, but until the magazine industry can fully embrace the web it will continue to lose attention and market share to the likes of Google and Yahoo. Getting those rich archives onto the web is a part … Keep Reading

Prospect Magazine

Prospect Magazine was the publication with which we demo-ed a prototype of the Exact Editions system in the summer of 2005. We were given permission to use the June 05 issue. For this reason the magazine was allocated the number ONE in our system for ordering magazines and also in our ordering of publishers. It joins the Exact Editions shop on Friday with a succinct and unique address ‘1/1’:

<img src=”http://www.exacteditions.com/exact/pages/1/1/1696/20060901/1/1
” />

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