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Climate Crisis Resource Page: One Month On

“Earth does not have the luxury of time — we are living with the consequences of climate change: drought, famine and disease.” George Eaton, New Statesman (7–13 May 2021)

As George Eaton, Senior Online Editor of New Statesman, made abundantly clear in his article from the 7-13 May 2021 issue: humanity is in the grips of a climate crisis, and the planet is running out of time 🌏

One month ago, on 26th July 2021, Exact Editions launched the … Keep Reading

What Do Publishing Partners Think of Exact Editions?

Exact Editions works with prestigious publishers around the world to provide a comprehensive range of digital magazine and book publishing services.

Enabling publishers to create fully-searchable digital editions that they are proud of and to generate a new revenue stream through individual and institutional subscriptions are our top priorities. 

So what do they think about our services? Read some feedback below — and yes, we are blushing. 

If you are a publisher that would like more information about joining the … Keep Reading

The full digital archive of Magma Poetry is now available to subscribers

Exact Editions is delighted to announce individual and institutional subscribers to Magma Poetry can now access the full archive of back issues going back to its very first issue published in March 1994. The full digital archive spans over 25 years and includes 80 issues to browse. 

Published three times a year in the spring, summer and winter, Magma Poetry is a unique kind of poetry magazine. One of the magazine’s big points of difference is that they do not … Keep Reading

Archive Perspectives: World Photography Day 📸

World Photography Day is an annual, worldwide celebration of the art, craft, science and history of photography.

A photograph has the ability to capture a place; an experience; an idea; a moment in time. Since the 19th century, a picture has indeed been worth a thousand words.

The Exact Editions platform boasts an impressive collection of art and design magazines. We have handpicked four digital magazine issues from the archives of our publishing partners, which unpack photography’s status in the … Keep Reading

Publisher 1-On-1: Rusted Radishes

We’re back at it again; interviewing our publisher partners for a deep dive into their careers, ambitions for their publications, and more.

This week, it’s the turn of Rima Rantisi, editor of Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal.

Housed in the American University of Beirut, Rusted Radishes has established itself as a space for emerging and established writers and artists with a connection to Lebanon and the Arab world. Beirut’s revolving door of influences and cultures, its history, … Keep Reading

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