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New York…New York…

I am hoping to run the New York marathon this weekend. The training has just about gone according to plan, but with only days to go until ‘the day’ I am suffering from all sorts of niggling doubts and looking for any information, anywhere that will give me comfort that, miraculously, it will all be OK on the day.

Yesterday evening I took a train out of town to see a youth production of an obscure play. Someone I know was in it so it was more out of support than anything else. Having dashed home from work I found myself at Clapham Junction ready to board the train with no reading material. I dived into the nearest newsagent and searched for one of a number of running magazines that can usually be found on their shelves. I thought the journey could be usefully employed getting last minute running tips.There was not a single copy of any of them to be found despite the newsagent being crammed full of magazines on everything from railways to rustic living.

As I sat on the train reading one of those gossipy weeklies full of pictures of WAG’s and their friends, I thought how wonderful it would have been to have had access to all of the running magazines and to have been able to cross-search them from an iPhone or wireless laptop. I could have searched for ‘positive thinking’ and ‘marathons -made -easy’ or ‘ways to reach the finish in under four hours without feeling exhausted!’ Guess I’ll just have to rely on Lucozade.


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  1. Best of luck but really you have to stop prefacing these things with “I hope to” by now you need to be saying “you will be.” And again good luck and have fun.

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