Exact Editions is launching a free Smart ISBN self-service marketing tool for book publishers where attractive book preview links can be freely created and distributed by publishers and authors for a range of marketing and sales purposes. Each book will have its own unique ISBN-focussed link which can be shared by publishers and authors in any digital context across websites, catalogues, social media and email marketing. 

An example of a smart ISBN link to ‘Climate Justice’, published by Bloomsbury, can be found here: exacteditions.com/isbn/9781408888438, a book which was a part of the COP26 collection in November 2021, which is where the smart ISBN system was first implemented.

Preview Pages

The publisher can select a number of pages that will be free to view at the front and back of the book.


Users can search for keywords which will provide a list of results and show up in the free to view pages.

Not all pages available

Users cannot view pages that are not included in the set number that are available to preview for free.

Buy the book

The publisher can set a shop link to the ‘Buy this book’ button at the bottom left of the page where the user can click on and be taken the publisher website, increasing audience and driving sales.

Clean interface

On the Exact Editions digital platform, there are no advertisements that distract from the interface. 

Publishers can freely upload an unlimited number of PDFs through the Exact Editions site. 

“Smart ISBN links are a powerful marketing tool for publishers of all sizes due to their versatility and ability to be shared across digital channels and mediums. Once uploaded, digital books remain faithful to their print edition and can also be used as sustainable alternative to distributing physical copies.” 

Daryl Rayner, Managing Director of Exact Editions

To find out more about the new Smart ISBNs feature, please click here