“Is that a library in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?” Lorcan Dempsey found the connection, reflecting on Peter Kaufman’s startling prediction: by 2020 an iPod sized device will be able to contain all the media content ever created. Kaufman is just extrapolating the familiar Moore’s law trends. iPod style computer disk memory is now 3.6 millionth of the price of 1982 costs. So its not hard to believe that such a small device could contain a million times more content in 15 years than it does now.

The talk which accompanied Kaufman’s ppt is pretty interesting. He points out how the world of content (published, played, filmed) is becoming totally integrated. How everything is potentially ‘advertisable against’ and how information content needs to be and become more sustainable and computable (means at the very least findable, authorised, visible, discriminable). He also points to an important paper by Michael Jensen which can be read here.