In a first for the Independent Publishers Guild, more than 20 publishers on the organisation’s collective stands are taking part in a dynamic virtual showcase powered by Exact Editions’ ‘Reading Rooms for Books’ technology at the 2023 London Book Fair.

To assist publishers in widening audiences and increasing sales, Exact Editions has developed time-limited ways to display books digitally alongside print copies during key industry events such as book fairs.

The showcase is now LIVE via the link below until the end of 28th April:

An image to show a selection of front covers of titles that form part of the IPG Virtual Book Showcase for London Book Fair 2023.

Which Books Are Included and Why?

There are 89 books in the showcase altogether, including selections from 2022 Independent Publisher of the Year Boldwood Books, leading academic publisher Bristol University Press and children’s specialist What On Earth Books. Each publisher has submitted a range of new and backlist books to increase their exposure and build their unique publishing brands.

How Does A Virtual Showcase Work?

The Exact Editions platform organises books in to easy-to-navigate collections. Readers can swap between an umbrella page showcasing all titles and a view of each publisher’s individual ‘shelf’ using a toggle button on the bottom toolbar.

Titles retain the exact format of their print counterparts, meaning that access to these complete books can be distributed in a more sustainable and cost-efficient manner.

The showcase is time-limited and will be fully-accessible until the end of 28th April 2023. Each book links directly to a purchasing page of the publisher’s choice.

Screenshots from the IPG Virtual Book Showcase, available for London Book Fair 2023, shown on a laptop and an iMac.

What Will Publishers Use It For at London Book Fair 2023?

Publishers will use these fully-searchable digital editions of their books to pursue business opportunities before, during and after the event. For example:

  • Advertising opportunities
  • Rights meetings
  • Follow-up correspondence to consolidate progress made during the book fair

The Exact Editions platform also boasts a powerful search function. This consequently encourages new business partners to delve deeper into the books’ content. In order to maximise accessibility, Exact Editions’ ‘Read Aloud’ technology provides audio options.

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