Two weeks ago Exact Editions working with Sage launched an iPhone/iPad app for Index on Censorship. The free app gives access to a good sample of the magazine to its subscribers. Yesterday, in support of World Press Freedom day, Sage announced a week long reduction in the price of the paid for app (which gives the user a 30 day subscription). Until Sunday it is available for 57p/99c. And subscribers to the paid for app not only get access to the current issue in full, they can also consult back issues and search the archive. The press release about the offer notes that the current issue has several articles with a strong technology component (Google, China, Blogging in Egypt):

The March 2010 issue, ‘Brave New Words’, focuses on the development of technologies, from CCTV to Twitter, and the implications these have for free speech. “Index on Censorship plays a major role in protecting and promoting free expression, as does World Press Freedom Day,” said Clive Parry, Global Marketing Director, SAGE. “This discounted offer with Exact Editions makes it easy for individuals to subscribe to Index online.”

Here is a short video (70 seconds) showing the app in use on an iPad.

The video shows how fast the iPad is to load pages and to whizz through them using the Exact Editions page-flow tool. But the table of contents is also important for finding your way through a magazine such as Index on Censorship (nearly 200 pages).

Pageflow is also very helpful as a way of navigating fast on the iPhone.