We have a new option to fit pages to your browser – there are buttons on the toolbar to turn this off/on.

The function will be particularly useful for magazines which have fairly small pages, eg the cycling magazine AtoB, or ones with really large formats, eg The Catholic Herald, which is broadsheet.

If you resize your browser window, the magazine page will shrink or expand to fill the available space.

It works for single pages and (full-sized) double-page spreads, and our superimposed links reposition themselves as required.

There’s a keyboard shortcut too: ctrl+shift+down to turn it on or off, and ctrl+shift+up to swap between single pages and spreads.

Of course, this function is not needed on the iPhone, which is so incredibly good at expanding and contracting web pages within its browser. Point of interest, I wonder whether this so delightful feature of the iPhone has had the incidental effect of encouraging us all to expect and to enjoy resolution flexibility?