This is the time of year when big US media companies make their Quarterly reports to investors. Here is Juan Antonio Giner being very direct and quite rude about The New York Times‘s results. He surely has a point? The New York Times is a fantastic brand, and a wonderful newspaper — the results don’t need to be so dismal. The Economist is a print media brand of comparable reputation that regularly gets more than adequate financial results.

Here is another shrewd commentator being very brief about Google’s eye-popping results announced yesterday. “Another very good quarter”. That is all John Battelle has to say. Its almost all that needs to be said.

Google press release here. Transcript of NYT conference call here.

The NYT complains about the advertising market. One does not see Google showing any anxieties about the flow of advertising spend. Magazines and newspapers badly need to find a way of catching their share of web-based ads. Digital editions are a part of the answer.