We have opened a shop for Debrett’s through which they are initially offering indvidual and institutional licenses to their formidable (3000 pp in print) and authoritative Debrett’s Peerage and Baronetage.

The resource will clearly have a strong appeal for the growing interest in family history and genealogy and the publishers have generously allowed free searching from the Debrett’s shop. That is right ‘free searching’ but browsing limited to the 16 page view; but come to think of it Exact Editions is really subsidising the free searching, since its our servers that are spinning away 24X7. The user can search for free ‘Snowdon’ (30 results), or ‘Harrow’ (more than 200), or ‘Groucho’ (9), ‘Chelsea Arts’ (10)…. etc. Fascinating browsing in the free shop…. which may tempt you to buy an individual license (only ¬£70).

The book comes through in an undeniably readable format on our platform. Here is a tiny snippet of the list of bishops, or to use the correct term “Lords Spiritual”:

and it is enlivened by thousands of heraldic crests:

These can be merely glimpsed in the thumbnail page images. But the glimpse helps to give a sense of the book and its quality: