We are still small cosy team, with no paper work (really none, except the occasional contract) but we still all see the customer support stream. That doesnt mean that we all read it, but its in our email flow and we can look at it, if we choose. I do read a fair bit of it. Occasionally you see a piece of feedback that sets you back, sets you up, causes the jaw to drop, stops you in your tracks!

Here was one last night:

Re: The Baptist Times

Hi webmaster, I am totally blind and use an audio screen reader with IE7 using Vista as my platform. My wife gave me an anual subscription to the BT online for my Christmas present. I thought you would like to know that your web facility is great. I have been able to go onto the site and learn to use it in a couple of hours, without any visual help. I have read all the pages fully and if I have a co(u)ple of more weeks I think I will be able to read it as fast as a sighted person using a paper newspaper.

Thanks a lot.

Wow! And thanks a lot for letting us have that feedback.