The COP26 Virtual Book Showcase features a sub-collection of over 40 children’s books, generously provided by prestigious English, French and German-language publishers. 

The Children’s Book Collection will be live and freely-accessible in support of the Pre-COP Meeting in Milan, between 28th September  –  1st October.

To encourage children (and indeed readers of all ages) to engage with the wealth of content, Exact Editions has created an example quiz that could be used as a teaching aid in schools and other educational institutions, or simply with younger members of the family at home.

The answers to all the questions below can be found amongst the pages of the Children’s Book Collection using the platform’s search function (for which you can find instructions here). How many can you answer?

  1. Can you find pictures or illustrations of all these animals? A goat, herring, kittiwake, platypus and tiger 🐐 🐟
  2. Can you use these books to see what ‘ecological’ means? ✒️
  3. Do you know about ‘Kids for Tigers’ programme? 🐅
  4. Can you find an estimate and an exact count of how many bees are rubbing pollen on their knees? 🐝
  5. How many skylarks do you weigh? 🐦
  6. How do sheep emit methane? 💨
  7. Roughly how much has the earth’s temperature increased since 1900? 🔥
  8. Permaculture and permafrost  –  what do those words mean? 🧊
  9. Can you find any information about the Amur leopard, the most endangered big cat in the world? 🐆
  10. Why does Yvon want us to stop buying his Patagonia jackets (or only if we are going to wear them for a very long time until they wear out?) 🧥
  11. What would you say if you found an archaeopteryx on a bird table? 🦢
  12.  Cicadas sing, lay eggs and have wings. Can we have some ideas why they are not birds? 🐜

Have you come up with any other questions? We’d love to hear them in the comments.

If you would like to know more about the COP26 Virtual Book Showcase project, please contact the Exact Editions team at

#PublishersForThePlanet 🌏