David Sifry the founder of Technorati has just released his quarterly State of the Blogosphere report. There is lots of detail and here are a few of the highlights:

== Technorati now tracks 57 million blogs
== About 1.3 million postings happen every day (so most of the 57 million blogs are really slow moving)
== Japanese blogging is nearly as numerous and noisy as English-language blogging (39% of blog postings are in english as opposed to 33% japanese).

The report gives a lot of attention to trends and the way the blogosphere is maturing. It is maturing. Magazine publishers who worry about the ‘threat’ that the web poses to their business should focus on that point. Blogging is not inimical to print and now that it is maturing, it is that much easier to see how it can work with the grain of print and conventional media.