El Cinco De Mayo — the 5th May is a day that stands out in history for all Mexicans. A day of a significant battle and a huge victory that defied all odds. It was on this day that the Mexican Army (outnumbered two-to-one) defeated the French, at the Battle of Puebla, in 1862.

To this day, 159 years on, the event is still remembered all around the word, marking a day of celebration of Mexican culture, history and heritage.

Flicking through magazines’ archives on the Exact Editions platform, there is a rich selection of content about ‘El Cinco de Mayo’, ranging from articles on the history of the battle to those that report on how the day is now remembered and celebrated in the 21st century.

The Numismatist (November 1979) p.46–p.49 — Mexico’s Cinco de Mayo Victory

The November 1979 issue of The Numismatist gives an historical outlook of the day, detailing the build up to the battle along with coverage of the event itself.

Theodore Lopez (at the age of only 14!) describes the day and the significance of it to all Mexicans at the time.

“The feeling of Nationalism…was nurtured by Cinco de Mayo; the vigour gave Mexico a sense of pride and self-esteem”.

Wanderlust (May 2017) p.69— Cinco de Mayo

Now, over 150 years on, Wanderlust Magazine explores this day from an alternative perspective.

The May 2017 issue focuses on how Mexicans celebrate and remember the significant event all around the world with partying and costumes.

Before diving in, what county do you think hosts the largest celebrations of El Cinco de Mayo?

“Cinco de Mayo is generally treated by most (including the non-hispanic locals) as a cheerful excuse to sink a few coronas”.

Sainsbury’s Magazine (May 2010) p.76 — Unique Discovery

And, if this blog post hasn’t got you excited enough, read ‘Unique Discover’ in the May 2010 issue of Sainsbury’s Magazine.

The article gives readers a traditional Mexican fajita recipe so you can really throw yourself in to the day!

It’s easy, it’s simple, it’s full of flavour…. Celebrate El Cinco de Mayo by cooking up a proper Mexican feast.

“Why not celebrate by cooking up a delicious Mexican feast for friends and family”.

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