Sure, it is already happening. Today I followed a link from Om Malik, where he was talking about movie clips popping up within Skype conversations (apparently that is coming — and I totally agree that Skype video calls work very well, so why not include video in the conversation?). Anyway, Om was citing the way that TV shows are now using Skype interviews, here is a link to Oprah doing it. Well that is interesting, and the Skype conversation banner is carrying an ad for Borders, and when I take a closer look at the TV show, I realise that it is actually being replayed on the People magazine web site. So here we have a Skype conversation, carrying a Borders ad, taking place on a TV show, with a recording of a live interview promoting the sale of a book on spiritual well being, distributed on a magazine’s web site. And not forgetting that we accessed all that from a blog.

I lost track of the number of media channels covered by that description, but does anybody doubt that the web is leading us to multimedia engagement with our audiences?