Little, Brown are using the Exact Editions platform to provide access to their Autumn Seasonal list.

This catalogue has very many links to author’s web sites. More than half the titles appear to have authors with their own web pages. Cherie Blair is one of the very few big name authors in this catalogue without her own web page. Here is Alexander McCall Smith’s page in this catalogue, and here is his web site. In some cases the print catalogue is ‘in advance’ of the publisher’s web service, but before long the web site will be more ‘au courrant’ than the catalogue in its print edition. Currency is one of the web’s supreme advantages. However, as it happens, some of the publishers that we are talking to about catalogues are already planning to produce catalogues in PDF format, without printing them.

And the value of all these links? Ease of navigation. Ease of e-commerce. That is all.