We have collaborated with the Exact Editions’ publishing partners to create freely-accessible digital learning resources centred around the most pressing issues of our time, including racism, gender equality and the climate crisis.

Each resource page features a rich collection of handpicked open-access articles, designed for both personal reading and unlimited use in schools, universities and other educational institutions as a diverse teaching tool that spans multiple disciplines.

Black Lives Matter Digital Resource Page

The content spans topics from civil rights, racial bias and protests to prominent historical figures, musical movements and literary analysis, all centred around the Black Lives Matter movements’ mission to bring justice, healing and freedom to Black people across the globe.

The selected articles are organised into seven subject areas:

  • ‘Activism’
  • ‘Art’
  • ‘Film & Stage’
  • ‘History’
  • ‘Literature’
  • ‘Music’
  • ‘Politics’

Access the Black Lives Matter Digital Resource Page here.

Climate Crisis Digital Resource Page

The content extends as far back as 1989 and carry readers through over 30 years of climate change theory, research and innovation to 2021.

The resource page is divided into eight sections of articles:

  •  ‘Agriculture’ 
  • ‘Biodiversity & Conversation’
  • ‘Climate Activism’
  • ‘Climate Literature & Art’
  • ‘Climate Politics’
  • ‘Deforestation’
  • ‘Fossil Fuels & Pollution’
  • ‘Renewable & Sustainable Resources’

Access the Climate Crisis Digital Resource Page here.

Feminism & Gender Equality Digital Resource Page

Created in support of International Women’s Day 2022, the content spans a wealth of topics, from famous trailblazers in science and the arts to the history of the suffragette movement and modern feminist activism and education.

The selected articles are organised into 8 key subject areas: 

  • ‘Modern Activism & Education’
  • ‘History of Feminism’
  • ‘Women of the Arts’
  • ‘Women in STEM’
  • ‘Women in Business’
  • ‘Women in Sport’
  • ‘Women & Environmentalism’
  • ‘LBGTQ+ Community’

Access the Feminism & Gender Equality Digital Resource Page here.

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