Sawdays, the Bristol-based, ecologically sensitive, travel publishers are using the Exact Editions platform to provide digital access to some of their titles. The ‘Sawdays shop’ opens today and will have a policy of completely Open Access for five days (till close of business on Friday 20th). The Exact Editions system is a ‘streaming’ system, it does not involve file downloads, so there is no likelihood of all the cats getting out of the bag whilst providing a limited window of ‘Open Access’.

Technical note: sure someone could ‘steal’ all the content whilst its on open access, but they will get nothing more useful than would be obtained by photocopying or scanning all the titles from physical copies. A serious pirate would probably do that because they should be able to get higher quality scans from a professional scan.

One of the Sawdays books is a guide to Pubs & Inns of England & Wale
As the Exact Editions platform now supports automatic linking from post codes, this guide will help the exploratory drinker by providing handy Google-map directions as to how to get there. One of my favourite pubs in the guide is the Mole at Toot Baldon. Excellent food and Hookie beer. The link we provide on how to get there is keyed to the post code. I like the way that Google Maps helpfully suggests ‘make this my default location’. The temptation to make your ‘local’ your ‘default location’ should be resisted, however good the beer.