We have developed an e-commerce service for Profile Books who do a series of books sponsored by The Economist. It is a great series with concise and highly informative coverage of key management and business topics. For some reason the title which particularly caught my fancy was The Economist Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus. I am a sucker for quick guides to gurus and key ideas. It is a very well written and clear book. The style is elegant and concise. Hear what Tim Hindle has to say about ‘barriers to entry’:

There are over 100 key ideas which are helpfully summarised in this style and 54 gurus. For each of whom we get a brief bio and some useful tips. Did you know that the great Nobel prize-winning Economist HA Simon said this:

I never realised that Simon first made that comment, which has become one of the core memes of Web 2.0. Mind you Simon was even more distinguished as a computer scientist than as an economist, so its perhaps not a surprise that he could see which way the information economy was going. At any rate, if you want to know more about ‘skunkworks’, or the ‘Pareto Principle‘ this is a book for you. The books are exceptional value as institutional licenses for corporates or universities. Works fine on an iPhone.