We’re delighted to share the brand new and freely-accessible Climate Crisis Resource Page with you all this week 🌎

The page has been created in collaboration with over 50 magazine publishing partners and currently includes nearly 150 articles from digitally archived issues which are usually only available by paid subscription.

The resource will be updated with new content on a monthly basis and counts among its prestigious contributors The Biologist, Geographical, and BBC Wildlife Magazine.

Issues Featured in the Climate Crisis Resource Page

The comprehensive resource page is divided into eight distinct sections that each feature a rich collection of articles:

  1. Agriculture 🐄
  2. Biodiversity & Conversation 🌱
  3. Climate Activism ✊
  4.  Climate Literature & Art 📖
  5. Climate Politics 🤝
  6. Deforestation 🌳
  7. Fossil Fuels & Pollution 💨
  8. Renewable & Sustainable Resources ♻️

The page is designed for both personal reading and unlimited use in schools, universities and other educational institutions as a diverse teaching tool that spans multiple disciplines.

We have picked out some articles below to get your reading started  – please click through to the main page to discover the full selection of material available. 


Climate: Code Red (The Biologist, June/July 2020)

“As the need for action on climate change and species loss becomes more urgent, an increasing number of scientists are turning to environmental activism.”

The June/July 2020 issue of The Biologist speaks to some of the scientists who are increasingly engaging with environmental activists group – including Professor James Bullock, an ecologist at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology who is a member of Extinction Rebellion (XR). 

The full article can be found in the Climate Activism section.

Not So Clear Cut (Geographical, September 2019)

“In the year to July 2018, Brazil lost 790,000 hectares of rainforest, a 13.7 per cent rise on the previous year and the worst annual deforestation figures in a decade. Elsewhere in the tropics, the picture is just as alarming.”

So why is deforestation not only continuing, but increasing? The September 2019 issue of Geographical discusses why it appears that goodwill, knowledge and even laws are not, by themselves, sufficient to tackle the crisis.

The full article can be found in the Deforestation section.

The End of Extinction? (BBC Wildlife Magazine, September 2016)

We all know that rhinos are in danger, that poaching and habitat loss are driving them ever closer to extinction, but the northern white rhino is in an unenviable class all of its own. The surviving animals are too old, too ill and too related to be able to breed naturally, so to all intents and purposes the northern white rhino is already extinct. So how can we save an animal when its future seems so hopeless?

Fortunately, a mixture of high-tech assisted-reproduction methods and the latest research in biology are helping to save the northern white rhino through creating test-tube embryos and using southern white rhinos as surrogates.

The full article can be found in the Biodiversity & Conservation section.


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