Today Exact Editions opens a shop for Institutions. Some of our magazines may now be licensed by institutions (universities and colleges, and businesses with a service through their intranet). Any librarian will be able to purchase access to any of the magazines offered with an institution-wide, IP address based, service.

As with our individual licenses, the prices are set by the publishers. The publishers have set prices at very affordable levels, and since our pricing system is one price for all/any institutions (single campus/site), the largest universities are getting a good deal. Currently our big-ticket item is the wonderful magazine Selvedge, £360 per annum. This is considerably more than the single user price of £25 per annum, but it is for an unlimited number of users and looks like good value in comparison to Elsevier’s Tetrahedron Letters for which a European university could be paying €12,058 for a five user license in 2008.

But price is only one factor in the equation. Many institutions will be able to afford and budget for these subscriptions and we look forward to serving many institutional users, with digital editions of consumer magazines.