Today the complete archive for Crafts magazine is launched on the Exact Editions service as a compelling resource for universities, colleges, schools and organisations that can use this reference resource.



Crafts complete archive from an iPad

The complete archive includes all 254 issues, since the very first issue published in 1973. Grant Gibson the current editor  surveys some of the scintillating features in the latest issue assembled from international craftsmen (and women!)

We hope this all goes to show that even in our bite-size digital age – where it seems too often genuine expertise is denigrated in favour of the bluster of easy rhetoric – skill and a deep understanding of materials really matter, perhaps now more than ever. Crafts editorial September/October 2016

In the case of the complete archive for Crafts magazine we have an example of the rather more than bite-sized advantages of digital solutions. A deep understanding of the magazine is facilitated when the digital version is available and searchable in complete form to subscribers also to researchers and students in universities and colleges. Over 250 issues, approximately 30,000 pages and we estimate over 13 million words.

Crafts is, as it should be, a beautiful magazine, easily browsed and it is richly illustrated, but it is also an essential and highly informative cultural resource for anyone interested in the rich history of practical arts and crafts in the UK and elsewhere over the last 50 years. It is now a fully searchable resource and searches on the database can be freely undertaken (even by users without a subscription).  The complete archive will be of interest and fascination to active craftsmen and artists, but the ease of searching now makes Crafts also a tool for scholars and researchers.


A search for “Lucie Rie” brings up over 200 hits