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Promoting magazines with Reading Rooms

Because the Exact Editions platform is a streaming solution rather than downloads based, it has been feasible to develop a flexible way for magazines to provide time-limited access to individual issues or the complete magazine archive. Short-term ‘trial’ access to the complete archive is proving to be a compelling way to promote specialist magazines to libraries.

The Book Collector is a recent addition to the Exact Editions platform. Obviously this magazine is of much interest to libraries as well as to private collectors. Founded in 1952 by James Bond author Ian Fleming, it offers its subscribers 192 pages per issue of wit, pleasure and knowledge on all aspects of the book through all ages. From time to time, Exact Editions promotes the strengths of this archive to institutions by providing e-content specialists and librarians with free and open access for a week via a targeted email. The email has a clickable link such as this:


Expires Mon 30 Nov 2020 11:51:40 UTC

which will give short-term access for a week. Searchable and readable access to the complete archive (over 280 issues).

Reading Room links are a tool available through a Publisher Account for all publishers working with Exact Editions. There is no charge to publishers for using them, or for the bandwidth and support they generate, which will be met by Exact Editions. Reading Rooms are provided from a dashboard with 4 pre-set time options. One hour, one day, a week or 30 days.

The Book Collector is of course no longer edited by Ian Fleming. Here is a Reading Room that will last for 30 days, ie longer than the full archive, just for the first issue edited by Ian Fleming:


The capability to generate a Reading Room link to a single issue is also part of the publisher controlled toolkit. More advice on how to use Reading Rooms here.


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