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In Conversation with Dr. Alicia M. Salaz

A year ago, Carnegie Mellon’s library, where Dr. Salaz is an Associate Dean, faced major upheaval. Today, she speaks to Exact Editions about their pandemic response, the importance of cross-disciplinary teams, and what she’s bringing with her as the University of Oregon’s new vice-provost.

Dr. Alicia M. Salaz

The outbreak of the pandemic was especially difficult for academic institutions. As Associate Dean for Research & Academic Services at Carnegie Mellon University, you moved quickly to ensure access to resources, creating a Keep Reading

Interview with the Librarian – Volume 21

In Volume 21 we enjoyed chatting with Yvonne from Tobermory Library located in Argyll, Scotland.

You can find the Argyll Libraries on Twitter: https://twitter.com/LiveArgyllLib

Word of the Week

A state of freedom from emotional disturbance and anxiety; tranquillity. The word derives from the Ancient Greek (ἀταραξία) and it generally thought to have first been used by Pyrrho and other philosophers who believed this state was linked to maximising lucid thinking. Outside of philosophy it was used to describe the ideal … Keep Reading

Reading Magazines: Down, Horizontal or Deep?

This has been a quiet summer in the magazine industry. Sprinkled with some encouraging news, for example, from the sale of 50% of The Economist for a price which values the whole group at well over $1 billion. The Economist Group incorporates a successful consultancy as well as a top tier magazine, but the magazine is the key element of the brand and a big part of the value in the group. So that is a very strong valuation … Keep Reading

Magazines and Apple’s Privacy Policy

Apple updated their Privacy Policy yesterday, it is a big revision. So important that Tim Cook posted a clear summary of their position, which anybody in the digital magazine or digital publishing business needs to digest and understand.

A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you’re not the customer. You’re the product. But at Apple, we believe a great customer experience shouldn’t come at the expense of your privacy.

Keep Reading

Kindle and Digital Magazines

We are quite often asked whether the Exact Editions platform works on the Kindle. To which we have a number of answers:

  1. The Kindle is not available in Europe so we have never tested it and are not sure whether the web pages we serve would work on the non-standard browser that the Kindle offers its users. There is no word on when the Kindle is coming to Europe and I would say “Dont hold your breath”.
  2. The Kindle does
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