New Internationalist ByPlace app

A new, ByPlace app for New Internationalist is now available in the Apple Newsstand.


Perfect for those on the move, this new app has all the usual Exact Editions features: in-depth search tool, social-media sharing and offline bookmarked content. Our ByPlace functionality means that the app is totally free in select locations – so look out for promotions!

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To subscribe, follow this link, or search ‘New Internationalist ByPlace’ in the App Store.


Promoting Magazines ByPlace at Stadiums

Exact Editions new ByPlace promotion system enables publishers to promote free access to magazine apps ByPlace. Any publisher with an iOS app on the Exact Editions platform can now offer free access to the magazine app via specific locations. To do this a publisher logs on to his account at Exact Editions. Choosing the ByPlace option, the publisher then drops a pin on the precise zone where the free access will be available. As it could be the Leeds Rhinos Stadium in Leeds:


Headingley Carnegie Stadium


This is what the publisher of Forty-20 decided to do for the issue of the magazine that they bring out this week.

Dragging a pin to the Rhinos Stadium

Dragging a pin to the Rhinos Stadium


So when you have done the Leeds Rhinos, you might as well do the other professional Rugby League stadiums in the UK. And this is what the Forty-20 publisher promptly did. There are now a pile of Rugby League venues where for the time being access to this digital magazine app is free to all-comers.

Stade Gilbert Brutus

League Grounds in the UK with Forty-20 on tap

Not to forget Perpignan’s Rugby League Stade Gilbert Brutus



Stade Gilbert Brutus. Home of the Catalan Dragons

Stade Gilbert Brutus. Home of the Catalan Dragons

So why is this such a big deal for digital magazine apps? We think it is a great opportunity, because it is one of those interesting situations one sometimes find with digital media where every party to the transaction is a winner: user/reader, publisher, developer and indeed platform (ie Apple), are all one step ahead because a free sample is free or it is a negligible cost and its a big step towards the transaction. Free access is  pretty clearly a good deal for the fans of Rugby League, since if they go to the home of the Bradford Bulls, the Huddersfield Giants or the Rochdale Hornets they can pick up the free app for Forty-20, using wifi, 3G or 4G and they get totally free access whilst they remain in the zone. They can browse the magazine issues, and the latest will sync if they are using WiFi. When the fan leaves the ground he may have an issue or two on his iPhone or iPad, and — here comes the kicker that matters to every other party involved — he will be one step away from buying a subscription. If he likes the magazine there is a greatly increased chance that he will buy a subscription. This means that everyone else gains: the publisher gains a subscriber, Exact Editions will have a small commission on the subscription, and Apple likewise will earn its 30% commission from any subscription taken out.

From the publisher’s point of view this is a golden opportunity, because the Exact Editions system is free to use. The publishers are not charged for using ByPlace promotions. Exact Editions thinks this is a good way of promoting subscriptions and as the developer of ByPlace apps we benefit when publishers sell subscriptions through iTunes. Apple benefits because customers who leave the stadium already have the app on their device and the purchase opportunity is staring them in the face.

Interestingly the venues also gain — though they are not directly involved in the transaction. They are not directly involved because nobody is interfering or impinging on the venue, and there is no rule or law that says that publishers have to ask permission to make stuff freely available in particular places. On the contrary it is very much in the interests of sporting stadia (and other venues) that their audiences are well entertained and even educated by digital services, so we expect that sporting and other venues will soon be encouraging and promoting the work of enterprising publishers such as Forty-20.





Promotion ByPlace for Publishers

Exact Editions today releases a brand new tool for promoting magazine apps. All the Exact Editions iOS apps (7.4.1) now have ByPlace awareness which tracks their position in the real world. Taking advantage of this, opt-in only, on board ‘location awareness’, publishers can select locations from which their apps will be completely free and open access. In such publisher defined zones, the apps will be completely accessible. Free and open for as long as the customer remains in the relevant location. This will be a valuable tool for publishers who wish to:

  • promote music magazines at concert halls
  • make literary magazines freely available at book fairs
  • give fans access to rock magazines at Hyde Park or Glastonbury
  • target exhibitions or trade fairs with relevant B2B titles
  • offer free trial access to yachting magazines at marinas

and so on. Every magazine has a unique and targetable audience. Promotion ByPlace is a way to reach those audiences, directly and with instant impact.

Exact Editions provides our publisher partners with a Publisher Account through which they obtain user statistics, marketing data and information about their apps. Now all the publishers with an app from the Exact Editions platform also have access to this unique promotional tool. With some simple map-based tools publishers can set up ByPlace hot spots where the magazine will be freely available. The option to create free ByPlace locations is now ‘front and centre’ on the publisher account.

Publisher Account with option for ByPlace

Publisher Account with option for ByPlace

The process of setting up a ByPlace promotion is as follows:

  • find the rough location on the map zooming to convenient scale;


  • click the ‘Add Venue’ button on the zoomed map;
Adding another ByPlace location to a group in London

Adding another ByPlace location to a group in London

  • a pin will drop to the centre of the map in view and drag this pin to its precise position. The pin is surrounded by a blue shadow, roughly 150 metres in radius, this blue shadow shows the approximate coverage of the ByPlace promotion


  • then add some essential details: a name for the location, a ‘greeting’ message that will appear in a courtesy pane in the app, and select the exact magazine from a list of those which may be available to the publisher. One magazine per pin.
  • Press the Save button to confirm the venue details and set up the ByPlace promotion.
  • Done, the ByPlace open zone will now run until you go back into your account, select the pin and remove the magazine by choosing ‘None’  from the drop down list

That is all there is to it.

That is a summary of the practical details from the publisher’s point of view. Now the really good news. This is a promotional technique which will be welcome by users who trial magazine apps at particular locations. It makes a lot of sense to publishers, since users who have a good experience of trying a magazine app at an event or a venue are more likely to buy a subscription when they leave the venue. This is a simple and highly targetable way of promoting and enjoying magazine apps. It is something that publishers want to do and something that a magazine platform should be encouraging them to do. As Daryl Rayner, Exact Editions  Managing Director, puts it:

“This is a fantastic innovation for promoting magazine apps and Exact Editions are not charging their publishing partners for using this effective marketing tool. Instead we are making it very easy for publishers to do promotion ByPlace and the solution is free!”.

Testing Promotion ByPlace at the Changing Media Summit

The Guardian has attracted an impressive group of digital experts for the  Changing Media Summit taking place tomorrow and on Wednesday at Kings Place.

Since we are now beta-testing ByPlace Promotion for iOS apps, Exact Editions will be providing free access to the Dazed & Confused app and the Prospect ByPlace app, by kind permission of the publishers, in the environs of the Kings Place conference. If you are attending the Guardian’s superb conference or are near Kings Place in the next few days please do try this out.

Using ByPlace promotion tool to highlight free zone for Dazed at Kings Place

Using ByPlace promotion tool to highlight free zone for Dazed at Kings Place

Download the Prospect app or the Dazed app on an iOS device/

  1. open the app
  2. navigate to a page where content is locked
  3. at a locked page push the button that gives access to free stuff ByPlace
  4. your free access continues as long as you stay in the zone
  5. if your access is via wifi, the latest issue will sync to your device by default
  6. a courtesy pane will pop-up within the app from time to time reminding you of the sponsor of your free access.
We would be grateful for any comments on the user experience from those attending the conference, or anyone nearby  (the free zone spreads about 150m from its centre point as shown by the blue shadow on the map). Any observations or suggestions to