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Book Pricing, the iPad, and the Bvlgari Book

Some months, shortly after the iPad was announced, John Sargent, CEO of Macmillan published a much discussed and influential blog on the pricing of books and the ‘agency model’. This was influential because it articulated the reason why Macmillan (and most of the other large publishers) were going to use the advent of the Apple iPad as an occasion for reasserting publisher control over the pricing of books. Digital books that would be sold through the iPad’s iBook store, but … Keep Reading

Why Magazine apps need to be Magazines

Stephanie Clifford in the New York Times takes A Peek at Vanity Fair’s iPad App

Magazines are actually pretty brilliant concepts the way they are,” said Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter on Tuesday as he previewed his magazine’s new iPad app. “At the same time, we have a few bells and whistles that a magazine cannot provide.”

That is so true….

Its very important that there are a few extra ‘bells and whistles’ in the digital edition, but its also … Keep Reading

Is Apple Opening Up?

Apple has been accused of building a ‘walled garden’ in the iPad. That is not a metaphor that I trust too much; first, because Apple’s garden seems to be rather subtler than that: it is more like a ‘hedged’ garden because the iPad has always and will always have a web browser, one that allows you to see any web page and you can’t get much wilder and freer than that; second, because, unlike most publisher ‘walled gardens’, a … Keep Reading

Index on Censorship and World Press Freedom Day

Two weeks ago Exact Editions working with Sage launched an iPhone/iPad app for Index on Censorship. The free app gives access to a good sample of the magazine to its subscribers. Yesterday, in support of World Press Freedom day, Sage announced a week long reduction in the price of the paid for app (which gives the user a 30 day subscription). Until Sunday it is available for 57p/99c. And subscribers to the paid for app not only get access … Keep Reading

The Periodical Publishers Association Conference 2010

We were not able to go to this year’s PPA Conference. We had better go next year. We have not gone in previous years, because it was two days and (to speak frankly) seemed to be over-full of over-complacent industry, grandees and non-experts. To judge by the tweets emerging from this year’s shorter, one day conference, it was a more realistic and a more grounded get-together. I am also judging, perhaps unfairly from some short reports on the goings-on at … Keep Reading

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