Banipal Releases Their Complete Digital Archive!

Banipal is proud to announce the launch of a complete digital archive of its back issues, from Number 1, February 1998, to the current issue Banipal 57 –­ Syria in the Heart. As a digital subscriber you can now enjoy unlimited access to 19 years of translations, reviews, interviews and features for the duration of your subscription. 


Digital subscribers will now be able to access not only the long out-of-print issues from the early days, but discover the whole new world of prose and poetry by Arab authors that Banipal opened up through translations, revealing the rich tapestry of literature being written by hundreds of authors, stretching from Syria, Iraq and Palestine, through the Gulf from Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Saudia Arabia to Oman and Yemen, and round the southern Mediterranean to the north African countries of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and southwards down to Sudan.


The archive is a fascinating and invaluable resource and is fully searchable by issue, by decade or by the entire archive.

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Current Publishing Release 3 New Digital Titles

Current Publishing has released three new titles – Current Archaeology, Current World Archaeology, and Military History Monthly– each with a full digital archive.

Current Archaeology is the oldest of the three titles, with its archive dating all the way back to March 1967. Although it is now the UK’s leading (and best-selling) archaeology magazine, Issue 1 of the magazine was mailed free of charge to university academics and archaeologists! Readers began to subscribe from Issue 2, and Current Archaeology now has more than 17,000 subscribers worldwide.

Current Archaeology aims to bridge the gap between amateurs and professionals in archaeology. For 40 years Current Archaeology has been visiting the digs, talking to excavators, and reviewing the literature, to keep its readers up to date with Archaeological news. Its articles are written by archaeologists, and then edited to ensure that the content is accessible to all readers.

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Current World Archaeology was launched in 2003 as the sister magazine to Current Archaeology. This publication covers world archaeology from the first emergence of man, up until present day, looking at areas from around the globe, including Egypt, Mesopotamia, Classical Greece and Rome, as well as Asia and the Far East. The magazine reports on news from around the world, covering the latest digs and discoveries.

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Military History Monthly was first launched in September 2010 as Military Times, with its name changed to Military History Monthly in November 2011. The magazine aims to bring military battles to life, with action-packed narrative and historical detail. Military History Monthly tells the stories of war heroes, both celebrated and forgotten, lifting the veil on war, and cutting through historical propaganda, to get the truth of what really happened.

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Opera Magazine Launches Digital Archive

Opera Magazine has launched its complete digital archive, going all the way back to the first issue of the magazine, in February 1950. Digital subscribers can now enjoy unlimited access to 66 years’ worth of articles, reviews and photographs: an unparalleled resource within the operatic world.


The archive is both historically fascinating and relevant to what’s happening now – those following Plácido Domingo’s latest performances, for instance, will be able to look back to his debut. All the content is fully searchable, and there are hundreds of in-depth profiles of favourite singers past and present to explore. Highlights also include articles by great composers and authors including Ralph Vaughan Williams and E.M. Forster, plus reviews of significant premieres around the world, including all the Britten operas from Billy Budd onwards.


Described as ‘the bible of the industry’ by the Daily Telegraph, Opera has been the world’s leading commentator on the lyric stage since its foundation. The magazine continues to provide unrivalled coverage of events through a mixture of features, analysis, news and reviews by a network of international correspondents, covering performances from every corner of the globe.

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Geographical Magazine Launches Complete Archive

Geographical magazine launched its impressive digital archive, dating back to 1935, when the magazine was first founded. The archive boasts over eighty years worth of issues, to which digital subscribers now have unlimited access.

Digital subscribers to Geographical can now journey through history, as well as geography, with access to 81 years of world travel experience. Readers can immerse themselves in 1930’s voyages of exploration, view the world through the lens of the second world war or, as civilisations become increasingly culturally diverse and socially integrated, contemplate the changing face of the globe.


Geographicalas the official magazine of the RoyalGeographical Society, is published to fund the advancement of exploration and research in geographical topics, such as travel and conservation. The Geographical magazine archive explores these topics in depth, through an ideal pairing of engaging articles and stunning photography.

As a digital subscriber to Geographical, you have unlimited access to the full archive. Explore today.


Digital Magazine Bundle for Schools

Exact Editions has launched a digital magazine collection, available exclusively for schools. The collection is comprised of ten world-renowned magazines, covering topics from Geography and History to Politics and Philosophy.


The titles available in the collection are BBC History Magazine, BBC Wildlife Magazine, BBC Focus Magazine, BBC Sky at Night Magazine, BBC Music Magazine, Geographical, New Internationalist, The Philosopher’s Magazine, Resurgence and Ecologist and Prospect.

A subscription to this bundle offers IP authenticated and remote access to all ten titles. This means that students can instantly access all ten magazines on their school’s network, either through a desktop computer, or on a tablet or mobile device.


Digital magazines are a great way to bring learning and fun to the classroom. The magazines in this collection are both information and entertaining, encouraging students to read independently, and to enjoy a fresh perspective on their favourite subjects.

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